August 21, 2016

Beigy browns, sandy taupes and
Muted ambers, toned greens,
Burnt oranges and enriched hazels with dark chocolates
Are all readily warm and cozy
For me, the earth is embraced
In all her inviting nuetrals.
The touch of soil beneath bare feet
The kisses of, multiples of, grains of dirt
Richly free and deliberately frisky yet
Reminds us to always stay grounded
Surrounded by lessons being motioned
If we dare pause, and pay attention.
Enlightening it is, how you love
What I’ve grown to
Finding pleasure in the subtle things I do
Life being at times quite complex
Both in reality and hues
Requires for balance, simplicity
And a welcomed peace of mind
In myself I see this and in you
Naturally I find it too.


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