‘Your eyes say so much’

August 22, 2016

In your eyes
I see who you are
In our interchange whether you’re near or far.

In your eyes
I can tell if you smile
If your frown will pass or linger awhile.

In your eyes
I will trully see
How warm or cold you’re in relating to me.

In your eyes
I know what you feel
Whether lonely or happy
Whether faking or being real.

In your eyes
You show all you could
So I need not ask, though
Sometimes I would.

In your eyes
I have seen joy and pain
I’ve seen you estatic, numbed
And even drained.

Since your eyes say so much
Most times without a word
I’ll pay constant attention to what
I’ve seen
As I do, to what I have heard.

(Dedicated to my friend CarolannJ)


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