‘The day I met you for myself’

August 23, 2016

You did not know me nor was my name familiar
And had I only known your name then
I would have remembered it prior
But, now having introduced myself
I am becoming fond of you and it pleases me to say.

In looking back…..
I remember the height of scrappers,
The strength of steel within
The angle of the sun through side streets
Painting the pavement while reflecting off of me.

I remember the cheer of winds
Playing above my head, under my arms
Through my thighs birthing not only smiles, but
The company of laughter amidst and all around.

I remember the power of vibration
Resounding again and again and yet again
Like patterned ripples on my eardrum
Dancing in response, ‘Please play once more.’

In looking forward…..
I acknowledge the realisation that we are
My face is no longer unfamiliar and
Your name, I remember like my own
And here you are, fond of me.


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