‘Hait – I this moving earth’

August 25, 2016

Oh my God! Weight!!
Now I am awake
All of a sudden Shake!!!
And suddenly Quake! Quake!
And ash, everything down tumbling came
Who created this?
PAIN so intense
Violates me and my senses
Flooded with fear
Left me rent, drenched to dry,
Bleeding me thin of all but despair.
I cry, HELP! SOMEbody!! Anybody!
Please release this prisoner from his hell
This cell!
This tomb cemented from collapsed blocks
Has weighed me down deep for burial
I am rubble, crumbled and almost motionless
Attention Ears! Hear pleas!
Open for faint sounds of moans,
Wailing from within a dark, dismal place
A pressing space, only for the dead.
Find me here beneath this thick wall that trapped me SHUT!
But, I am,
Don’t know how yet holding unto every breath of Hope
To survive another day
Don’t know if I can, but I pray.


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