‘Lead us not into temptation’

August 25, 2016

You want me, I want you
To need me too, minds meet
In a place where feelings rush
Warm blood, surging waves of expectancy,
I crave you and you me
Hold, not gently but boldly grip
As I gasp for air, while
Your clasp made steady
Souls ready, and bodies twitch
Bewitched by our passion,
To do what we fashioned in thought.
We crave the longing of
Belonging to someone
Something so strongly desired.
One and the same two that
Mirrors an image of us too,
Sounds of clashed thunder under black skies,
Rumbling over white sheets,
Pains are broken but not of glass
Shattered, what matters though
Is your there with my here,
And us wishing, believing, expecting
This unending rush
Push-forward will linger long
Before it abates.


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