August 27, 2016

Still… morning… silence
Breathe fresh… cool breeze
Listen and hear… light sounds
Of birds chirping, lingering.
Gaze and gently watchq
Cotton candy clouds drifting…by
Colours are softer, easy visually
And everything seems so quiet,
So peaceful, so new
So ready for what… ever
At its own pace.
Unlike any other time of day.
Smell the freshness of air… sweet!
Touch and lightly feel smoothness of sheets,
With fingers and toes.
Unwilling to be detached from
This enticement,
This solitude
Allowing me more minutes
To indulge in this moment
Of relaxation,Of tranquility.
And embracing with all of me
The calm,
The pleasure…
I yearned.
Can silence… sound this pure?
Listen and there is almost
Absolutely, nothing to hear.
Almost perfect
Real quiet
I am entertaining
Something so simple, so subtle,
So natural, for there is time to.
Void of all hurry, just leisurely
Resting on a pillow…
My head
On the morning of my day off.


NIFCA Bronze Award

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