‘I thrust’

August 27, 2016

Here I am, sitting and thinking
Reflecting, realising it’s time for change.
Not just of mood or work or play
But a transitioning of the total me
Paths in new directions beyond
Anticipating the coming horizon
Wishing to greet its awaiting Dawn.
An awakening of eye and mindA rejuvenating of body and soul
A place of new beginnings
For something awaits me,
I am sure, for I’m feeling it
Exceeding all today holds.
So I thrust ever forward
With all of me, leaving nothing behind
No regrets of suffering, no pointing of fingers to blame or shame
No more waiting for what?
To die?
What utter nonsense!
For I’m not ridden to a bed through trapped I feel at times.
I’m choosing to dismiss all doubt
That I can rise to be anew
I believe, as I live out the fulfilling of my dreams.
For movement permits freedom
And steps evoke completion
And with my journey advancing I’m encouraged to endure


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