‘Art as is (ii)’

August 28, 2016

What is art?
Isn’t it a feeling birthed at first with the artist?
Which springs to life like a cupped flower opening to sunlight,
With it bursts of colours and aroma?
See! Art appeals to all the senses
Can’t you feel it too?
Isn’t it infectious like music with its rhythm?
A repeating sound in your head evoking you to sing or dance?
But isn’t art whatever it is to you?
So individual, so unique to each personal thought?
Art is, what it is, an expression of
Its creator maybe exhibited
And if so sharing what he or she sees,
What she or he feels.
It invites a response, a reaction,
It may cause a stir for some, perhaps not for you
But art will reach the emotions and hopefully
We can learn more about it, about the artist
And mostly about ourselves.


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