‘Art as is (i)’

August 28, 2016

What is art?
What sort of art makes an artist?
How do I interpret it?
I mean…
Is it all about perception or can I take it as is?
Must I look deeper to see what’s not there?
And go beyond my viewpoint of paint
Whether acrylic, gouache, water or oil?On paper, canvas, wood or wall?
Who am I to judge a piece and should it be left to me
To dissect or critique what hangs, stands or lies before me?
Am I able to and can I?
There’s too little here yet so much over there.
Where do I begin to absorb this, this workmanship?
It is so easy to opt out and just enjoy it as is
Not bothering myself to examine closely.
And is it wrong for me to do this?
Should I study whatever it relates to,
Whether the hues, shapes or forms move me
Perhaps bringing back some pleasant memory,


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