August 29, 2016

How long does one take to befriend?
And how long should one wait to be friends?
Well, its quite easy for the friendly
To bond or befriend a stranger
Isn’t it weird after getting to know her or him,
You wonder how life would be without them?
For, at some point you weren’t remotely close
Like any book that’s on borrow
So it’s likely that someone you’d seen today
May become a friend tomorrow.
And whom will that be?
Well it depends on us you see.
The changing moods, the passing time, Our openess, our frame of mind.
Our willingness to share
To be friendly
To befriend
To become friends.
Various paths take us places
Allowing us to meet new faces,
So if we’re friends I’m happy to be
And for you extending a hand to me
And if we aren’t, then maybe sometime
Our paths will cross and frienddhip we’ll find
We’ll no longer be outsiders
For we would have met
Befriended, each other
Enjoying and exchanging epithets
Learning to nurture our growing relationship, so
Cheers to the one who takes that first step.


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