‘To forgive and yes forget’

August 29, 2016

How do I spell forgive?I•W•I•L•L•N•O•T•F•O•R•G•E•T? Humm!!
Nor do I recall the meaning,
Ahh!Getting rid of!!
Of all the bad, people, the evil things
Burying memories that haunt
Stopping the hurt and pain
I drying my eyes, swearing
Never to do it again.
To cease bottling my anger up so I can uncap again
Relishing the thought of brushing my fist against your head
Yes!, my Vengeful thinking of I want you dead!
Engulfed with Malice incapable of reasoning
Where venting is turned up to the power of cussing.
And during this drama myself I’m losing Meanwhile Fear’s at the helm controlling.
I should instead take Apathy’s path though I may be left lonely.
But wait a minute!
Wisdom is saying I should take initiative
Quit dodging the truth and people and actually live.
It’s nevet easy but in receiving I must first learn to give
And in myself accept things will go wrong
People are not perfect though they protray being strong
So whenever next Calamity surprises me
Or some attitude obstructs my way
I’ll pray Father help me to fogive them
So that my inner peace will stay.


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