‘What matters?’

August 30, 2016

Does anything have a meaning?
I’m not questioning you but moreover me
For my thoughts are pointing towards myself.
Life as I know it, the lows, the highs
The pursuit of happiness and comfort.
What’s this going through each day I breathe,
Am I accomplishing what I’ve set out to do?
Or is this just a mere, frail existence?
Do I have a cause, a reason, in other words does any of this matter?
Does it count?
Shouldn’t life be simplier?
Where we get to execute our gifts?
Having an enjoyment that’s a constant experience?
Why should it be so difficult to acheive or receive
What we desire most, dues earned?
Without the headache and heartburn?
All the opposition and obsticles to distract.
Which frustrates or even deters our straining hopes.
Why does the progress often seem so aggravatingly harsh?
That in finally reaching our goals
Or success,
We can’t enjoy them to the fullest
Sheer Joy is somehow left extinquished in the pursuit.
Are we so bent to dwell on hurt and toil?
On tears caused during, dare I say growth?
Didn’t they form part of our struggle,
And every step counts whether great or small?
Are we taking the process for granted?Shouldn’t it be held with some measure of importance,
In our development?
Shouldn’t the challenges perpare us for grander things to come?
So now my questions to you are,
What matters to you, is it fulfilling?Does it have meaning of purpose?
It is valuable enough?
In other words does it count?


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