‘From this view I see, all shades of green’

September 6, 2016

From toe to far above my head in height,
I looked and stand amazed at this sight.
My view, a stretched green that before and beyond me lies.
A vast landscape of slopes and dips
Where monkeys evade my eyes.
And trees are few and sparse between,
Yet group as families on a pinic
And whisper secrets in the breeze.
The grass always well groomed with a low trim
And ever so often, sprayed to keep the moister in.
Unique, being both youthful and aged.
With varying shades of a hue
I’ve grown to like, no love.
Soothing it appears to you
It depicts life and growth
For me, an indication
Of beginning and renewal,
An intimation of stabilty
And longevity
Of comfort,
Something to touch and hold
Something ancient while continually unfolds.
Now you know my belief about what I see
And what green has come to mean to me.
I gaze, I watch light and shadow in their purities
Amidst leaves in shrubs and hedges
Enveloping boundaries.
Though this differs during sunshine or rain,
My love for this vista remains the same
Although separate, I feel apart of this grand green
Standing behind a hugh fixed window scene, where
My emotions both overwhelm and calm me.
I wish you could, not only see my point of view
But moreover the view from where I stand and be.


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