‘Having to choose’

September 6, 2016

I don’t know if I should feel the way I do
Split into two, and trying
To accomodate both heads and tails.
A spiral climbing, still ever descending on a notion.
Being ripped apart by a passion
And a belief,
That refuses to merge.
You seem content but heart belies what spoken words birthed.
Whirlwinded into a prism of emotions
Tossed fro and to you
Which means further from the truth,
From the hope I know is sure. Sigh!!
To understand, you wont, yet
Perhaps, if sealed parts will open lips to give hint,
Perhaps, lacked courage with its pair disappointment
Wont mount as haze to blind vision of focus.
Numbed to reality,
Asleep in preferred fantasy
Which now is the norm accepted,
Seemingly treasured.
Hey! Wake up!
Come on!
Snap out of it!!


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