‘Alone 》Lonely’

September 8, 2016

Imagine onerself on a stage within
Where seemingly there’s none else but you
This scripted scene is crowded by silence
Ready and anxiously awaiting your cue.

Mine, a role most dismale, almost unseen
Like an unwanted presence, being surreal
Dressed in thoughts of abandonment
And floodlights of discomfort is all I feel.

Tell me where have all the cast ran off to?
They, the characters to support my side
Not Loneliness the villian seeking the lead
For walls are down, my gates opened wide.

Swings of Depression are all that grip
Gloom and Pity advances by the minute
Loneliness wasn’t the part for which I signed
My Isolation craves a friend to fill it.

I must find a way to live out this role
By learning from others how to cope with self
Maybe accepting this, will finally bring
Experience in joy, in peace and good health.

It’s the end of the act as the curtain falls
And being alone seemed all I could touch
It turns out now after all the applause
Patience in those times helped me to learn so much.


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