‘Boredom, to leave or to stay?’

September 8, 2016

This boredom is driving me crazy
This doing nothing and being lazy
All my precious time I’m wasting
And my mind, I feel as though I’m losing
Cause I could be doing something other than
This so-called madness
Fighting a losing battle to keep eyes from drooping
And closing, in front of an audience
This goes in accordance with embarrassment.
I should be at home in this mood of slumber
Struggling with the sway to stay awake
Attempting to fake that I wasn’t nodding.
Caught somewhere between wake and sleep
Is quite enough to make me weep.
I sanction this…..imprisonment
For I’m capsuled in a period of time
Unable to go
My mind wishes to leave
But my body is bond to stay, to cleave.
Please help me find activity
Something to do, make it challenging
Something for this allotted phase, busily working Yes! Yes!
Someone to speak with, meaningful dialogue, engaging
Don’t laugh…..this isn’t even close to funny
Because I’ve just halved my dilemma
Least you become bored like me,
Sorry! Was that your attempt to rescue me?
The wringing of fingers, the cracking of knuckles
Someone please get me out of these shackles.
And help me locate a vacancy
Then I’ll be no longer employed under captivity
But can jet on wings of freedom
Or should I accept what is, leaving it to outcome?


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