‘I’m not masking’

September 13, 2016

You perceive me to be
Who I might be
Who I ought to be
But none of which I am.
Who I could be
Where I should be
But never that I can.
You’ve endorsed a mask supposedly
For one to wear quite similarly, as yours.
The posing charade behind which you hide
Fearful to reveal what’s there on the inside.
Apart from true lies which seem fair to show
How you assume to be right, I do not know
Content, that’s you with this feeble front
But I must refuse, I certainly cannot
For the face your mask wears will never be fitting
Since I stay behind a facade you’re creating.
Trying to coerce that it’s suited for me
Being your belief of what I ought to be
Pray tell, what makes your perception better?
Why you should observe me, look deeper
And realise I’m a soul, an individual
Who prefers being cognisant of all
Authenticity, while
You’re the one to unveil your hidden for reality
Then people can see you’re actually here
Not some abstract shadow cloaked in veneer.
So No! I wont be reflecting your idealogy
And certainly not what, that mask appears to be.


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