‘Sandwiched in between’

September 14, 2016

Affixed as though I were a can on a shelf
In a cupboard somewhere, among other tins
An inanimate object, without lungs to breathe
Without reason to feel,
I am sandwiched in between.

A sense of being semi-paralysed, with
Lost sensation, where are my limbs?
My inability to stretch, to reach
For another part of me, since
I’m disallowed of this common right,
Pinned to aside and sandwiched in between.

This space was not meant for such load
Why force to ram and squash as though
I’m clothing in a garment bag?
And with your stare to view my rebuttal,
Your ignorance of my being sandwiched in between.

The wind has blown comfort to the kerb
Now blow again on me and subside my heat,
My rage, this phase of insensitivity.
“Hey!But you just sat on me, am I invisible?”
Can’t you feel?
You can’t fit, wait a bit!” And
Realise I’m here sandwiched in between.

So this is my unsolvable dilemma
Confined in a space, mind you
Which was just eased, for objects
Have disembarked this ZR en route to…
Yet amidst this vehicular convention
I can still find myself, somehow sandwiched in between.


NIFCA Bronze Award

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