September 23, 2016

Hey Diary!
I know you and I don’t often speak
At least not as much as others
But today I have something to note
Something’s in my heart and on my mind to say
I’m grateful for life, Thank you Lord!
For I believe every good and perfect gift comes from Him
In this break away I’ve had,
Has caused growth in me as an artist
Being exposed to others’work
Their styles with each unique perspective
Penning a vast array of subjects, that matter.
I’m thrilled that each has their own voice
And even though we’ve never met and likely never will
Still there’s a trail of ink that links us, somehow.
I’m ever fond of words and I’ve found Death and Life propell them
So I choose to speak life.
Intangible sounds that lips utter,
Rides in language on many tongues
With similar or other meanings.
Can motivate, so I encourage
These sculpted stories displaying emotions felt.
They aid, they show we weren’t alone,
In that place in time, we never really are
They point to others who’ve been there and made it through.
It’s kind of bold of them don’t you think?
They know who they are, to share Thoughts of joy and tears, hopes and fears
I’m rebooted to read and in so doing learn
There’s more common ground than differences.
So I hope to build as they do and attempt to be a voice not just for self
But for whom else may stop to
Glance at a combination of characters
In random order making sense
And say, “Oh I get that, they understand me”
Duely noted Sept 23, 2016


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