January 26, 2017

I see we’ve gotten accustommed to treatments mal
And them expect as norm
Some even reciprocated.
That derailed attitude
Which lacked knowledge and due care.
It welcomed me yesterday.
From lips and behaviour of this so-called attendant
On the job attending to their own needs to be bothered with me.
No greet with “Hello” furthermore
A smile seems for the pay grade above.
But has it slipped that counters turn
Guess I should extend the benefit of doubt
But I am doubtful Manners sit on any of these shelves
And Courtesy is never allowed in.
Excuse me but your rudeness will
Be rewarded today
With my back, but I will not lack to leave a tip
A thought for you to mull over
Service is a boomerang and ought always be excellent
Thank you kindly for yours.


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