April 3, 2017

Proverbs 1 advises if sinners entice
Block one’s ear, surrender never, reverse.
Pray tell why it is a bully can recruit simpletones to collab in mischief?
Sheep that follow and willingly plummet over
The cliff of lawless senselessness.
None erect to oppose but all yield
Like a stack of dominoes on parade
One slip and they all falling down come
Tumbling towards dumbness
Void of true sense
Not enough to make a dollar.
But the passion that fused such misguided unity
Can be rectified in a 180,
And ignite the spark of positivity.
But which one will leap against the grain?
Which will take an insane stance and resist
The urge to give in?
I certainly hope and pray to tell
That one would be wise
And be the true leader.


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