A flake of fiction foretold

September 19, 2017

‘Fear floods while filling the faltering figures’ feet with false footing.
He fell flat but his flinching friend fainted from fright. The fifth fact, his father’s frequent fury was fuzzy for a few.
“No frivilous foreigners frolicking in my fields.”
With a flawed finger he forbid.
Frank frees himself from flaunted foliage and finds Fancy fallen face down on the fruit trees’ floor. Flesh freshly frayed but she’s fit to flee as fate’s the focus and frightfully so, if found a full flogging for Frank and a fervent fire for Fancy.
“Friendships are fickle and futile!” flayed a father firmly frigid.
“Freak!!” How feeble a floppy factor with its faulted front. Their frienship’s fight isn’t ficitious.
Though fatigued they followed the fence, the farthest fraction of the field facing the factory.
Finally faith folds into every fiber with feelings not feigned. Forged as family and in forgiveness their future is a fountain which flows with favourable flexibilities, they figure…’


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