September 19, 2017

Please priorities pursue!
I pitch my pointer, my preferred plea
Posed upon and purposely pure.
Proposing penance on persons who plunder
And place power before people.
It pertains plainly to the poor exploited
By a plushed pack preoccupied with polluting pride,
Protraying publicly a pretended pledge
Is it premature to perceive a path of perpectuate peservation?
It puzzles me, the piles of pursuing probes,
Painfully prying for a piece of personal property.
A prayer to pool participation
And prepare the population for pellucid policies
Pause, push panic aside, have a peaceful poise
While pulling practicality and prolonged
privileges into perspective.
Permission to preach,
“No more palmed mouths, paled face we pant
Planked, politely we’d poled, then were patiently played,
Pawned by perted phrases,
Pinced and poked, padlocked by pressure,
Potholes puncture tires, police on pavement passes to see plight,
In need of repair.
Now partially paralysed and pleas for a paramedic
Pores pour perspiration, pulses partly present
These particular pains are party pangs
Perhaps my patchy points prick your ears.


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