‘Wood make me nostalgic’

September 19, 2017

Childhood memories…..takes me back to a place
Within four walls
Huff!! I meant wooden sidings.
See where I grew up,
There were plenty more ‘board houses’ than concrete then.
Some said they wete cooler specially cause the pitched roofs,
Trapped the hot air.
I remembered it did ‘fuh real!’
Above wooden floors which gave ‘back chat’ from all the heavy walking,
Or maybe it was because as children we use to drag the chairs and exfoliated its varnished skin.
Caribbean life brought the bright roasting sun to toast our flesh, some ‘half baked’ others well done.
He soon realised he had rivals with all vibrants coats
These happy ‘Chattel houses’ would wear
Some being purest sticking with their favorite hue
While others weren’t partial at all
Spinning round in a colour wheel.
Looks like they’re a dwindling lot but if you have the pleasure of seeing one
You wood understand what I mean
Just gotta love a ‘board house’.


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