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“Happy 50”

September 22, 2017

For a friend’s special Bday. It is sort of like the postcard effect. Markers, Charcoal & Colour Pencils on cardboard with feathers and stones. This was a fun project and cool surprise.



September 5, 2016

Worked on a banner for a movie night at church, so this had me quite busy. Not the usualartwork but I have done a few in the past and will always like graffiti lettering. Pastel blocks, acrylic, oil paints and permanent markers on canvas.

Graffiti/Lettering, Poetry


August 22, 2016

Why do you act?
React like that?
Behave so shy,
While oh so sly?
Not confiding?
Void of reason,
Being evasive,
And is it relative?
Can you change the person you are?
Can you willfully remove the mar?
The vice that makes you miserable
And then try to foist on people?
Why be like that
I do not know?
Is this what affects you
And makes you slow?
How much will I forbear?
And can I?
Which brings me back to the question,